Questions about trained dogs for sale

Here are some common questions we get about protection dogs for sale. 

Do you offer protection dogs for sale?

Yes, our priority is to provide your household with a trained dog that excels in obedience and family protection and becomes an integral, loyal companion. Our dogs are more than just protectors; they are playful, enjoyable members of your family, ready to accompany you anywhere you go. They blend seamlessly into your life, offering both security and companionship.

Can you train my dog to be a protection dog?

If your dog shows a natural inclination for protection, we can tailor our training to bring out this potential. Shultz K9 specializes in nurturing your dog’s protective instincts while ensuring they remain approachable and friendly. Our program is selective, focusing on dogs that exhibit a suitable protective nature without aggression. If you are interested, we encourage you to reach out for an assessment to see if your dog is a fit for our specialized training.

What factors would disqualify my dog from the protection training program?

Dogs, much like humans, possess distinct personalities. Some dogs are inherently playful and may not adapt well to a protection role. Our training approach is similar to police dog training and acknowledges that not every dog is cut out for this responsibility. We seek dogs with a natural protective instinct rather than aggression, which is a common misconception.

Can I see the protection dogs you sell?

Yes! Just schedule a visit by contacting us today. An appointment allows you to meet our dogs!

Are protection dogs safe around kids?

They can be, but it depends on your dog. Knowing what your dog is capable of is important. At Shultz K9, we emphasize matching the right dog with your specific needs, considering all aspects that are important to you. For families prioritizing safety and gentleness, choosing a trainer experienced in preparing dogs for family environments is crucial.

Why do I need a personal protection dog?

Personal safety is often underestimated until it’s too late. Despite living in a safe area, the risk of crime remains a concern. Personal protection dogs offer a sense of security but also invaluable companionship, especially for those recovering from traumatic experiences. These dogs provide a level of comfort and safety that can be transformative. Protection dogs offer security benefits at home and for business owners. 

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