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Shultz K9 Enforcement Inc. offers Private Sessions & Training Curriculums to meet each client’s needs. Both the family pet and professional working dog will find highly detailed and skilled training with Shultz K9 Enforcement Inc.

We offer every possible training service at every possible skill level, with a superior knowledge base making our training services the finest in the state of Florida.

Come in and meet with us to develop an individualized custom program uniquely designed for your pet.

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Family pet training curriculum

Dog training services

Dog Training Services

On-Leash Training

Perfect for first-time dog owners, our on-leash training ensures your dog behaves impeccably during walks, keeping them safe and making your outings enjoyable.

(5 basic commands) sit, down, stay, come, heel)

Advance Off-Leash Obedience Training

Grant your dog the freedom they crave while ensuring they remain under control even without a leash.

(Advance off-leash obedience with distractions: sit, down, stay, come, heel, place)

Socialization Training

Help your canine companion become a sociable pet, getting along with other animals and humans alike.

Service Dog Training

Equip your dog with skills to assist you in daily tasks, making them not just a companion, but a lifeline.  While also gaining public access so you can travel freely wherever you want to go anywhere around the world.

Protection Dog Training

Enhance your dog’s natural protective instincts, ensuring your safety without compromising their friendly nature.

Behavior Modification

We create a behavioral correction training program to address specific behaviors your dog is exhibiting. Examples include, chewing up shoes, pillows, couch, carpet etc. barking a lot, disturbing the peace.

Professional working dog training curriculum

Professional & Working Dog Training

Dog Training Services


Honing in on your dogs natural curiosity and helping them become an excellent tracking dog can be accomplished through our dog tracking training program.

Scent Detection

Helping your dog be adept in scent tracking can facilitate the process of them becoming a progressional working dog. Examples include, narcotics, explosives, and weapons.

Police Patrol K9 Training

Our police dog training program is designed to identify and train canines to assist police officers in their duties.