Behavior Modification Dog Training

Behavior modification training in Fort Lauderdale

We understand the challenges dog owners face when their furry loved one behaves in a problematic manner. Our program is geared towards these dog owners and helps their dogs overcome their unwanted behaviors through targeted training.

Our specialized behavior modification dog training services are designed to transform your canine companion into a well-mannered pet. Whether your dog is excessively barking, chewing, or showing signs of aggression, our expert trainers are here to help.

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Shultz K9’s Unique Approach

Our trainers at Shultz K9 are certified professionals with extensive experience in dog behavior modification training. We use targeted techniques, ensuring a safe and stress-free learning environment for your dog. Our approach is not just about correcting behaviors; it’s about teaching your dog to make better choices.

Understanding Behavior Modification Training

Behavior modification training is a comprehensive approach aimed at changing specific unwanted behaviors in dogs. Unlike basic obedience training that teaches dogs general commands, behavior modification targets specific issues that are causing distress in your household. This training involves understanding the root cause of the behavior and using tailored techniques to modify it.

  • Assessment: We start with a thorough assessment to understand your dog’s behavior and the factors influencing it.
  • Customized Training Plan: Based on the assessment, we create a personalized training program.
  • Hands-On Training: Our trainers work closely with your dog, employing effective techniques to modify their behavior.
  • Owner Involvement: We believe that your involvement is crucial. We’ll guide you on how to reinforce the training at home.

Addressing Common Behavioral Issues in Dogs

At Shultz K9, we specialize in a range of behavioral issues:

  • Aggression: Our trainers are skilled in handling various forms of aggression, from food aggression to territorial behavior.
  • Anxiety: We help dogs overcome anxiety-related issues, such as separation anxiety or fearfulness.
  • Destructive Behavior: If your dog has destructive behavior, our program can be tailored to address behaviors like chewing and destruction of items.

The importance of consistency

Consistency is key in behavior modification training. At Shultz K9, we emphasize the importance of maintaining a consistent approach to training both during and after our program. 

  • Regular Practice: Continual reinforcement of the behaviors learned during training sessions.
  • Consistent Commands: Using the same commands and rewards to ensure your dog understands what is expected.
  • Issuing corrections: Behavior modification is a process, and corrections will need to be issued when your dog tries to revert to its previous behavior. We will train and teach you how to do this. 
  • Patience and Persistence: Change doesn’t happen overnight, but with patience and persistence, significant improvements can be seen.

Getting started with behavior modification training

Take the first step towards a well-trained furry loved one. 

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