On-leash and off-leash training questions

What type of commands are taught in an on-leash training program? 

On-leash training equips your dog with the fundamental skills needed for safety and good behavior. Here’s what your pet will learn:

  • Sit: A cornerstone of dog training. This command is the first step in teaching your dog to remain calm and attentive.
  • Down: This command is vital for soothing an excited dog.
  • Stay: This command places you in charge in various scenarios, such as welcoming visitors or safely crossing streets.
  • Come: This essential recall command is crucial for preventing potentially dangerous situations.
  • Heel: Teaches your dog to walk by your side, ensuring walks are pleasant and manageable.

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What are the benefits of on-leash dog training?

  • Safety: Training your dog on a leash mitigates risks like darting into traffic or confronting hostile animals. It’s a fundamental aspect of protecting your dog, yourself, and others.
  • Strengthening Bonds: On-leash training deepens the connection between you and your dog, establishing clear leadership and mutual understanding.
  • Enjoyable Walks: Transform walks from stressful to delightful by teaching your dog leash manners and enhancing your shared experiences.

What types of commands are taught in an off-leash training program? 

Our Advanced Off-Leash Training Program focuses on obedience with distractions while unleashed, simulating real-world situations to ensure your dog’s reliability. Commands taught include:

  • Sit: Teaches calmness and attentiveness in various environments.
  • Down: Instructs your dog to lie down, useful for prolonged stays.
  • Stay: Ensures your dog remains stationary until you signal otherwise.
  • Come: A critical command for recalling your dog, ensuring their safety during off-leash play.
  • Heel: Keeps your dog walking beside you, ideal for controlled exploration.
  • Place: Directs your dog to a specified spot, useful for managing space and safety.

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What are the benefits of off-leash dog training?

Off-leash training offers freedom and joy within the bounds of control and safety, preventing hazardous situations and fortifying the bond with your pet. At Shultz K9, we customize training to each dog and owner, enhancing your dog’s mental and physical well-being, social skills, and the connection between you two.

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