Comprehensive Police Dog Training

At Shultz K9, we focus on comprehensive dog training. This means we offer standard dog training programs like obedience and on/off leash training, but we also offer highly advanced options, including bomb detection, drug detection, and security protection, among others. 

For more information on our specialized dog training programs, please contact our team. 

Every program is tailored to meet the specific needs you are looking for, ensuring your dog is well-equipped to serve. 

Comprehensive Police Dog Training

Comprehensive police dog training programs: 

Our specialized training programs include:


Single-purpose k9 – Specifically for drug or bomb detection.

A key area of expertise for Shultz K9 is narcotics detection and bomb detection. 


Drug Detection 

Dogs undergo rigorous training to identify a wide range of illegal substances. This specialized training plays a crucial role in aiding law enforcement in the battle against drug-related crimes.


Bomb detection

Dogs enrolled in our bomb detection program undergo comprehensive training to help them understand the scent associated with explosives with the goal of helping law enforcement find and identify explosive devices before they detonate to save lives. 


Dual purpose k9 

A dual-purpose dog possesses multiple skills, such as narcotics, tracking, and apprehension. This full-circle dog training program helps law enforcement professionals work alongside a highly capable canine they can depend on.  


Security and executive protection

An excellent option for those looking to protect their home or business! 

Dogs who graduate from our security and executive protection programs are best used to serve in security roles in a home or business. These dogs are friendly and thrive in a home or business environment. They are also great around other people, including children, and when a security threat presents itself, they will proudly defend you wholeheartedly. 


Patrol /apprehension

Great for catching and stopping fleeing suspects.

These dogs are trained to track individuals in various environments and assist in patrol duties, proving to be invaluable in search and rescue operations and criminal apprehension.

Trained Dogs for Sale

We have an extensive selection of dogs our trainers have worked with, and they have all graduated from our specialized training programs. We have a rigorous selection criteria that program dog candidates must meet before entering one of our programs. Once enrolled, we have an additional set of goals and criteria a dog must meet to graduate. 

Those who graduate are the best of the best and compete on a whole different level than other canines. 

Our trained dogs for sale are trained to maximize their potential, ensuring they excel in any role they were trained in.

Learn more by speaking with one of our dog trainers or by visiting our dogs for sale page.

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