Trained dogs for sale from a dog trainer

Are you looking for a dog that is field-ready? Shultz K9 is a dog training facility with a reputation for delivering the highest quality dogs. Buying a trained dog from us helps relieve the stress of having to train your dog yourself.  We only select dogs with a natural and innate skill for what they are being trained for.  Once selected, they are thoroughly trained and must pass several tests where they are placed in a real-world scenario before they can graduate.  

We have a trained dog for every need you may have. 

Buy a Family Protection Dog

Are you looking to enhance the safety of your home with a dog that not only loves your family but also protects it? At Shultz K9, we specialize in protection dog training that focuses on obedience and defense, making our dogs perfect for families. Our trained dogs are socialized to be gentle with family members while being vigilant against threats.

Buy A Trained Protection Dog for your Business

Business owners seeking to secure their premises can rely on our trained protection dogs. Our trained dogs for sale are adept in various settings, from navigating corporate environments to guarding against intruders. Their training ensures they’re not just pets but invaluable assets for your business security.

How Soon Can You Purchase a Trained Dog?

At Shultz K9, we strive to make the process of acquiring a trained dog as smooth and swift as possible.  We have trained dogs available for immediate delivery.  With a diverse selection of breeds and training levels, you can start the process today and soon welcome a new, skilled member to your family and team. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll guide you through the selection process, ensuring a perfect match.

Single Purpose vs. Dual Purpose Dogs

In the trained dog industry, there are multiple categories and subcategories of dogs. Two commonly mentioned subcategories are single and dual-purpose dogs.  

What is a Single Purpose Dog?

A single-purpose dog is trained to excel in one specific area. This might include tasks like explosive detection, tracking, or any other single skill where the dog’s focus is solely on performing what they were trained to do. Single-purpose dogs are ideal for roles that require specialized skills without the distraction of additional responsibilities.

What is a Dual Purpose Dog?

A dual-purpose dog is trained to perform multiple tasks effectively. These canines might combine protection dog training with skills like narcotic detection, making them versatile assets for law enforcement, security, and even personal protection. Dual-purpose dogs are highly sought after for their adaptability and comprehensive skill set.

Looking for a trained dog for sale?  

Our commitment to quality training and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the premier choice for anyone looking to enhance the capabilities and behavior of their canine companions or for anyone looking to purchase a dog that’s already fully trained. 

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