Dog training

On-leash and off-leash training questions

What type of commands are taught in an on-leash training program?  On-leash training equips your dog with the fundamental skills needed for safety and good behavior. Here’s what your pet will learn: Sit: A cornerstone of dog training. This command is the first step in teaching your dog to remain calm and attentive. Down: This command is ...

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Comprehensive Police Dog Training

At Shultz K9, we focus on comprehensive dog training. This means we offer standard dog training programs like obedience and on/off leash training, but we also offer highly advanced options, including bomb detection, drug detection, and security protection, among others. For more information on our specialized dog training programs, please contact our team. Every program is tailored ...

Dog training


When you bring a puppy home, you are suddenly faced with obnoxious puppy behavior like whining, biting, jumping, chewing, and pooping on the carpet.And if you’ve done any research at all, you know that proper care and training is critical during a puppy’s first few months. The things your puppy experiences now are going to ...