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My name is John Horschel my dogs name is T Rex. My dog was five months old when I met Fritz. I chose him to train my dog for 21 days in the five basic commands afterwords. I chose an additional 21 days in advance of training. This was the five basic commands off leash. We must remember what we learn. We have to continue training in order to be professent and what we’ve learned.
If you wanna well-trained dog. You should consider speaking to Fritz, good luck God bless John.

John Horschel

My buddy “Bullseye” and I “Edward Medina” wanted to say thanks to Fritz Shultz K-9 trainer who’s taken his time, words and professionalism for sharing your Best knowledge training with us, my dog attended your 2 months Boarding School and it was the best thing I have ever done for my dog and myself, my dog was out of control and very aggressive with other dogs and I was ready to give him up to the pound until one of my friends referred me to you and saved my dog and our friendship .Thank you for all your dedication ! Your the best!

Edward Medina

Hello My name is Vanessa and my dog name is Lady . Lady started off as a very stubborn dog, that liked all the attention on her, and wanted to do everything her way. She wasn’t the most sociable dog, when it came to pets and people outside of the house/family. After being trained by Fritz she listens to commands when we speak, she walks with out tugging the leash, she’s more relaxed, and she’s more open to new faces coming around. Thanks for your time, help, patience and effort with Lady .


Our German shepherd K9 “Sarge” had a lot of bad habits like jumping up and down, pulling on the leash and not listening at all, but once we meet Fritz, he was able to somehow control our out of control German Shepherd by using proper reinforcements and teaching us and showing us hands on and then we sent him away for a 21 day board and train curriculum. He came back better than ever. Responding to commands, not pulling, heeling on the Leash and he also gave us tips that helped us start working Sarge off Leash. Our funds were well invested with Shultz K9 Enforcement inc. and we highly recommend Fritz for his professionalism!

Thanks to Shultz canine obedience training, my dogs can go without a leash now.
They can sit, stop, and stay on command.

Thank you for your service

I Just wanted to explain how helpful and professional Fritz was with perfecting my Rottweiler, Zeus’, for protection training. When searching for a trainer, you become pretty particular about who handles your dogs, however, after watching Shultz train, I highly recommend him.

Isaac Lopez

There is only one dog trainer in South Florida that is chamber approved! If you want the dog of your dreams, from obedience, great behavior, socialization, potty training, family and personal protection, we highly recommend Shultz K9 Enforcement Inc. We are very selective at the chamber and this is clear in choosing only ONE dog training facility for the entire area, this speaks volumes to the extraordinary knowledge and training Fritz has to offer. If you want the best… Fritz is only a phone call away!

Chamber CEO.

Fritz Shultz started his journey in 2010 as a regular client in Miami,FL enrolling his German Shepherd pup named K9 SJ into classes for obedience with GK9S Inc.As K9 SJ grew, he went through the different levels of obedience

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