Shultz K9 Enforcement Inc. offers Group, Private Sessions & Training Curriculums to meet each client’s needs. Both the family pet and professional working dog will find highly detailed and skilled training with Shultz K9 Enforcement Inc.

We offer every possible training service at every possible skill level, with a superior knowledge base making our training services the finest in the state of Florida.

With confidence choose from the following curriculums:


Come in and meet with us to develop an individualized custom program uniquely designed for your pet.


Doggy DayCamp.

Socialization: Whether your dog has a lack of socialization with other dogs, people, or kids.

Behavior Modification: Chewing up shoes, pillows, couch, carpet, etc. barking a lot, disturbing the peace.

Basic On Leash Obedience: (5 basic commands) sit, down, stay, come, heel

Behavior Modification: Chewing up shoes, pillows, couch, carpet etc. barking a lot, disturbing the peace.

Advance Off Leash Obedience(with distractions): sit, down, stay, come, heel, place.


Service Dog Training.

Basic Protection: Attack, Release, Hold and Bark.


Emotional Support Dog Training.

Advance Protection : Attack, Release, Hold and Bark, Recall.

Scent Detection: Narcotics/Explosive.

Task Dog Training.

Police K9 Apprehension: 5 phases of aggression law enforcement standard.


You can’t always take your pet with you when you must go away for a while — however leaving him/her at home alone, or with only an occasional visitor to fill the food and waters bowls just isn’t a viable answer.

Many pets suffer from separation anxiety which leads to both intense unhappiness and destructive behavior. What’s even worse, your pet might experience a health crisis when no one is around to see and render help.

Pet boarding with Shultz K9 Enforcement Inc. ensures that your pet has a comfortable, relaxing stay, with healthy, nutritious, tasty food, daily exercise, and friendly, warm human companionship. Of course, yet another advantage of choosing Shultz K9 is that your pet also always has ready access to our veterinarian, for any necessary medical care.

Why would you ever settle for less?

**ALL BOARDED DOGS MUST BE VACCINATED * Rabies vaccination of all dogs 4 months of age or older is required for boarding services. Must be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian**